Saturday, August 09, 2003

Norm Hicks, Harry Katz, Nelson Wilson

Norm Hicks

Got this sad note from Buddy Belote on Friday:

Phone call from Norm's daughter this morning.

Norm Hicks passed away early this morning.

He died quietly. A nurse was in attendance.

His family had been with him Thursday night

and had a relatively pleasant visit. Funeral

arrangements have not yet been made.

Sharon said to check the newspapers for

notification. Pass it on!


Just got a note from Buddy Belote:

"I got some bad news yesterday afternoon. Harry Katz's daughter

called to report that Harry had passed away in Florida. Harry goes

all the way back to WINX, the first Washington Post Radio Station.

There are not many of us old "WINX" guys left! I'll have to put this

in the next newsletter -- whenever that is !


Nelson Bernard Wilson WTOP Technician

Nelson Bernard Wilson, 88, an engineering technician who retired in 1980 after working 31 years for WTOP radio and television, died Nov. 19 at Winchester Medical Center. He had Alzheimer's disease.

Buddy Belote comments:

Nelson Wilson goes back to the Washington Post's first radio

station, WINX-AM & FM. When the Post sold their first

radio station to buy WTOP-AM, they sold only the AM

Station and transferred WINX-FM over to WTOP which

had at that time no FM facilities. The five techs who

operated the FM Station were: Nelson Wilson, Tony Vogel,

Leonard Euzent, Nort Richardson and Buddy Belote. So

one day we went to work working for WINX and before we

left work that day, we were all working for WTOP. No loss

of seniority, pay or working conditions. Unheard of in this

day & age.

Of the "WINX Five, only Nort Richardson & I are still alive.


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