Friday, February 18, 2005

Buddy Wows them at MWOTRC

Buddy Belote was the featured speaker at the Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club's February meeting and mesmerized the members with his razor sharp memory of being on the cutting edge of much of radio's history.

Lee Shephard and Buddy Belote--------------Photo by Maury Cagle

From listening to his grandpa's crystal set in 1925......and placing the earphones in a large frying pan....which acted as a crude amplified "speaker" (which hadn't yet been invented) that more than one person at a time could listen to the climbing the WINX tower to change the light bulb on the top....and upon descent, learning that he now worked for WTOP.

Chuck Langdon, the MWOTRC club president was kind enough to include yours truly in the event by staging it as a "Radio Interview" event. I played the part of the real radio announcer interview guy.

Buddy played himself.

The biggest laugh of the night came when Buddy told of the time at WINX the 40's when he was late to work for the first of only three times in his 41 year radio career, because the trolley car broke down....and he had to run the last 6 blocks to try to make the 8 o'clock newscast.

He didn't make it.......and was called into the big boss's office immediately.

"Buddy, " he said, "I want you to always remember one thing...there's no such thing as the 8:03 news!"

Buddy never forgot.


For more about the event, go to the MWOTRC Web Site


Buddy's latest newsletter, Re-Runs, has some news that I'd like to repeat case your snail mail was late:

Page 2 Ralph Cannon

Ralph Cannon was Chief Engineer of WINX, the very first Washington Post radio station and my first boss. His Christmas Card said he was "doing very well for a man of ninety six years." We were delighted to hear from him and thought that some of you might remember him and be glad.

And Where Were You Last October?

Now about the October reunion luncheon at the Cozy Inn. Fifty three signed up for it and fifty three showed up, making for a grand party. The entertainment was provided (with some help) largely by Lee Shephard who brought tapes of some of the famous on the air break ups we experienced through the years. It was a riot. This year we got an up front dinning room with picture windows and very close adjacency to the main Buffet. It was really a wonderful time.

Tom Fanning

A recent note from Kathleen Parker (Tom Farming's daughter) reports that "In the last 12 months my father's mind has severely deteriorated and he is now at the nursing home. The good news is that he still remembers who people are. So when I read your names, it brought a smile to his face.'

Wouldn't it be great if we could send Tom a little flood of "Thinking of You" type cards. In the hopes of more smiles across his face!

Tom Fanning
Brooke Grove Nursing Home
18131 Slade School Road
Sandy Spring Md 20860

thanks to Kathleen Parker for her most welcome letter

1920 - Norton Richardson - 2005

Nort Richardson died of a brain stem stroke on December 30. 2004. He was next to the last of the WINX Five. They were Leonard Euzent, Tony Vogel, Nelson Wilson, an Nort Richardson. This makes me the last man standing.

1920 - George Herman - 2005\

Royce Fish just mentioned that he heard on the air that George Herman has died. Another real bright light grown dim! What a life he leaves behind ! We will look for his obituary in tomorrow morning's papers.

Again, Tom Fanning's address is:

Tom Fanning
Brooke Grove Nursing Home
18131 Slade School Road
Sandy Spring Md 20860


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