Friday, February 24, 2006

From Trinkets to Keepsakes

I'm sure you remember Steve King who was a director at WTOP-TV in the 60's and who was just at the right (or wrong) age to get drafted and sent to Vietnam. He returned to the station just as most of the talent, management, and mail room staffs were leaving....with pink slips in our hands.

The Catherine Graham/Larry Israel slash and burn offensive was almost complete but Steve was immune, since by law the Washington Post HAD to take him back.

I remember the day I walked out of Broadcast House I met Steve on the front steps coming back for the first time since Vietnam. Like in the Wizard of Oz.....I said, "Go Back.....go back............" not to the middle east of course, but I told him that this is NOT the same station it was when he left.

Well, that's all water under the bridge now, and Steve and I had a lot of laughs about it when we got together for lunch today at Clydes in Tyson's Corner.

He also showed me a Zippo lighter that I had never seen before. I told him about a ball point pen that I had kept all these years. Mere promotional trinkets when we got them, but 40 years later...valuable (to us) keepsakes.


Steve King is the founder and CEO of Mobile Video Productions in Rockville/Bethesda Maryland.



Nice write up...however, I wasn't drafted. I was called to active duty (18 months) in the DC Air National Guard by LBJ when the spy ship Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans in January 1968.


P.S. I should have gone back!

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