Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Faces from the Past

I was cleaning out some of the clutter here in the BatCave and came across an old radio promotion booklet from the early 60's. I would guess 61 or at the latest 1962.

It was obviously a low budget effort and my copy is deteriorating pretty badly. But I think you'll find it interesting.

It's presented in a Cartoon format and gives a lot of personal information, even their home addresses at the time. I'll leave all the information out except their birthdates. I've zoomed in only on the most interesting part; the pictures.

Take a look:

Frank Wilson 1924

Gregg Oliver 1931

Lew Martin 1918

Bob Dalton 1925

Bob Kelly 1924

Jamie Bragg 1927

Jim Meyers 1924

Terry Hourigan 1936

Ted Miller 1927

Dan Daniels 1922

Winfield Clearwater 1926

Scott Sutton 1929

Bill McColgan 1926

Joe Mannion 1934

Mike Turpin 1927

Don Allen 1928

Tony Sylvester 1927

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