Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I received this note today.

Mr. Shephard,

I am Ruby Lee's Son-in-law. I am writing to let you
know that Ruby passed away last Tuesday at Suburban
Hospital in Bethesda, MD. Her children were at her

Ruby began feeling ill on Wednesday and went to the
Hospital Thursday. It was determined that cancer had
manifested itself. This was a shock to us all. She
drifted to sleep Saturday afternoon with her
grandchildren at her side.

The viewing will be at Collins Funeral Home in Silver
Spring, MD this evening and funeral tomorrow.

In going through her home and packing up, we found
notations of you name, and thought you might be
interested in this news.


Glenn Butler

Jim Meyers and Ruby Lee

Ruby Lee and her husband Jim Meyers performed a late night show on WTOP radio during the early 60's. They had a large and loyal following, particularly amoung musicians who would often drop by the studio to chat on the air with Jim and Ruby after their performances at the various clubs in Washington. Jim Meyers passed away a number of years ago.

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