Sunday, April 16, 2006

Early Days of Radio and TV continue on Channel 10

"Out of the Past", Fairfax Cable's oldest running public access TV show continues it's series on the early days of Washington's radio and TV industry with this past Saturday's featured guest Ed Walker.

Walker has been a major performer on the Washington scene since the early 50's, and is still going strong with his very popular The Big Broadcast show on WAMU radio every Sunday night.

Walker described his first meeting with Willard Scot and how that developed into a lifelong friendship and partnership as THE JOY BOYS, perhaps the most memorable and long running radio show in local history.

Be sure to visit THE JOY BOYS website! It's a terrific place to visit and learn all about those two legends of Washington Radio and TV. Plus, if you happen to suffer from "JBD" syndrome (Joy Boy deficiency) by not hearing them recently, the cure is just a couple of clicks away at

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