Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Thurmont 06

Almost 60 of us showed up (despite the rain) at the COZY INN at 12 noon today. And I think the highlight of the day was seeing Buddy Belote for the first time since his surgery and observing how good he looks. Same old Buddy! You'd never know he's been through throat cancer surgery and had to learn to talk all over again.
knowing Buddy all these years, we all knew that it would take more than that to get Buddy down!

He's as upbeat as ever, he looks healthy, told me that NOTHING hurts, I understood his new electric voice fine, I understood every word....

And as usual, his upbeat attitude is as infectuous as ever, and I think we all left Thurmont feeling high as a kite after talking with our special WTOP friends, the likes of which we'll never know again and knowing that our leader, and most exceptional of all the WTOP pers, Buddy Belote, had defeated the dragon and was still the solid rock that we've always known.


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