Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Listen to WJSV all day!! 9/21/1939

Incredible Website!!

Return with us now, to the thrilling days of yesteryear, and listen to WJSV for the entire broadcast day of September 21, 1939.

Our old friend and fan Joe Manning alerted me to this site. I had heard that such a thing existed, but was never able to find it until Joe directed me to it. It begins with Arthur Godfrey's morning show and goes through the entire day, commercials, time checks, newscasts and everything, including a baseball game between the Senators and Indians with play by play announcer Walter Johnson!

This is a veritable time machine!!

You'll see the entire schedule and can pick and choose the programs to listen to at your leisure.


Here's what one reviewer said about the site:

Reviewer: L Maupin - 5 out of 5 stars - January 24, 2007
Subject: September 21, 1939 On Demand

Listening to this recorded broadcast gives us a sense of what it was like to live in Washington, D.C. on a fall day in 1939. Much of the news provided throughout the hours is local (commissioners meeting today on the budget; a petition to improve Leesburg Pike) as are the announcements (a regatta on the Potomac; the jitterbug semifinals of the Harvest Moon Ball; an ice cream social hosted by the Grainsville Methodist Church). Area businesses sponsor many of the programs (Zlotnik the Furrier, "at the sign of the big white bear," 12th and G Northwest; Coast-In Pontiac, "in the 400 block of Florida Avenue Northeast"; Kinsman Optical Company, "since 1900"). Also, a number of the shows are locally originated, such as Sundial with Arthur Godfrey, Certified Magic Carpet (a quiz show aired from the Cabinet Room of the Willard Hotel), and a Washington Senators baseball game from Griffith Stadium.

Nor is the larger world neglected. We hear news throughout the day of the war that broke out in Europe earlier in the month, and there are reports on such topics as the stock market and the cost of foodstuffs nationally. We hear music from artists who are popular throughout the country such as Horace Heidt, Bing Crosby and Artie Shaw. And there are plenty of network shows, including almost twenty soap operas, Amos 'n' Andy, and Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour.

This fabulous relic of a bygone era would be one of the brightest gems in any old-time radio collection.

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