Monday, July 09, 2007

Calling on Old Timers

I got this email the other day. Do any of you remember this guy?

I came upon your website by accident.. I am writing a
book on pioneer TV in Washington, of which I am one of
the few survivors, and was looking for info on Walter
Compton who became GM of our TV station in the mid

I was furious because none of the archives gave Walter
any space in spite of the fact he hosted the first
network TV news program, "Walter Compton and the News"
which I opened and closed Monday thru Friday for

A whole new world opened up for me when I Googled
Walter slash the Mutual Broadcasting System,
Apparently he was a heavy who did great things. I can
tell you Walter was a "prince" of a fellow. He was
like the father I never had.and he was courageous in
the face of the pressures that came from New York.
On a contemporary basis at the time I knew him well.
Spent time with the family in Northwest D.C. but knew
little of his radio background .

I'd like to cover him fully in my writing. If there is
anything you know about his wife, Frances, his son,
Billy and his daughter Ann I would be grateful. I'd
give you a chapter if needed.

I had a brief radio background which included WCBM,
WBAL and WITH in Baltimore. I helped put WANN on the
air, was program director and morning man there. Al
Lamphere hired me to do the morning show at the
Richard Eaton station on Connecticut Avenue and DuPont
Circlein Washington and I also free-lanced at WARL in Arlington. Les Arries, Sr hired me to join Bob Wolff as the first announcers at WTTG. I did TV and radio for several months but when the radio schedule began to conflict with TV I became full time at WTTG.

You may be able to find more about me by Googling
Gordon Williamson/ Hoppity Skippity /

I live in Holly Hill, FL My email address is:

I am a member of the FAB and the Florida Pioneer
Broadcasters. The pioneers meet semi-monthly in
Sarasota. Perhaps you have a potential speaker for us.
I'm not the program chair but can submit ideas.

Looking forward to getting to know all about you, your
associates ad organization. Pardon this, done in
great haste.

Gordon Williamson

Help him out if you can.

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