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Twenty one years ago, Buddy Belote started a luncheon get together of retired WTOP engineers. The event, held every year at the Cozy Inn in Thurmont, Maryland (Camp David is near there) began to attract others who had worked for that great station. It came to be known as "Thurmont" and is still going strong. Today's THURMONT 07 was one of the most successful ever.

There were a couple of complete surprises by two first time guests: Pick Temple's son Park showed up, and this website's videologist Bob Bell (aka "Kaptain Kidshow" who has created a mind boggling website that details every TV Kid Show ever seen on this area's TV sets) Bell gave everyone an original "I've Been on the Ranger Hal" shopping bag. Truly amazing! (There's a link to his site on the right hand side of this page.)

And of course, Buddy Belote, the Thurmont Event's founder was there looking healthy as ever and full of more energy than most of us have. (How many of us can play 18 holes of golf, as Buddy did last week, and not even be winded!?)

Take a look at these snapshots that Tom Buckley took at today's luncheon, and enjoy!
(Click on pictures to enlarge. More to come soon, so stay tuned.)

Buddy Belote
Jim Silman and Park Temple
Bob Bell
Peter O'Reilly and Don Richards
Danny McKinney and wife
Kevin Rafferty and Stan Guttenberg
Johnny Wilcox and Danny McKinney
Royce Fish and Dave Zapp
Glen Musser
George Catron
Park Temple and Jim Silman again
Tony Zukas
Doris and Bob Fausey

Here's a list of attendees to this year's event: (Click on list to ENLARGE and READ)

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Jeff Barron said...

Love the site. How about some captions of Tom's photos for the rest of us?