Wednesday, April 16, 2008


You got that right, Roger!

One of our nicest and most famous graduates, Roger Mudd, has just written his autobiography titled appropriately THE PLACE TO BE. It's largely about our big brother CBS which moved out of Broadcast House taking half of our engineers with them. But the parting was friendly AND understandable; they had run out of room there at 40th and Brandywine.

The Washington CBS News Bureau was becoming a VERY BIG BOY, and it needed a lot of room to grow. They found it at 2020 M Street, just a few blocks down the street from the old family home.

But in the Spring of 1961 when Roger went from local news to CBS Network news, as he writes in his book, "The road from WTOP to CBS was actually a flight of stairs."

Roger always did have a talent for accuracy, conciseness and truthfulness. Who else could describe those 10 years we spent during the 60's four words: THE PLACE TO BE!

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