Monday, June 16, 2008

GOOD MORNING....Oswald. Let's have breakfast at the DINER today if it's not RAINing MAN.

Well, maybe that's a little too cute....BUT I'm just coming down from an adrenaline high after shooting an interview with the WTOP-TV training program's most famous and bragged about alumnus, Barry Levinson!

Barry was in town for the 50th anniversary of local Emmy Awards. Fran Murphy, President of the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter along with Vice Presidents Mike Cephas and Tom Buckley planned the special event featuring Barry as MC. Our friend Tom Buckley arranged and surprised Barry with a visit from........(drum roll) OSWALD and DOCTOR FOX.

In my opinion, no one could have been more surprised, or pleased than Barry!
You probably saw Dave Statter's excellent interview with Barry on Channel 9.
Chuck Langdon and I were also able to get an interview with Barry for this website!

WTOP-TV fellow graduates Steve King , owner of Mobile-Video Productions, Bethesda MD, Chuck Langdon and I reminisced with Barry for about an hour Saturday afternoon before the event. Our good friend and outstanding computer artist Kaptain Kidshow will be editing the footage; and with the help of Tom Buckley and Dave Statter you'll soon be able to view the most comprehensive documentary ever assembled about our most successful and acclaimed celebrity and his early days in the WTOP-TV training program.

We should have the complete interview and a few weeks.....right here at WTOPTV .
COM. Stay Tuned!

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