Sunday, June 29, 2008

Up Date

Regarding the Barry Levinson interview that's coming to this site soon, Kaptain Kidshow is in the process of editing it now. As it is shaping up now, I believe the show will be rather spectacular and very meaningful to us old WTOPers.

One sad note: Many of us have wondered whatever happened to Claire Beach? We never saw her at Thurmont and no one seemed to know where she went after her WTOP days.
Kaptain Kidshow reports:

Concerning Claire Beach... I uncovered a short blurb from the Post TV Column noting that "the weathergirl from WJZ-TV, Clare(sp) Beach, is starting at WRC-TV". Then, about a year later, another blurb mentions that Claire Beach is moving to WTOP-TV from WRC-TV. Then, I have one or two mentions of her appearing with Julian Barber at some personal appearances. That's all I could find until I located the following sad information in the Social Security Death Index:

Birth: 04 Nov 1931
Death: Feb 1977
Last residence not specified


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