Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Party's Over

The memory of our 23rd reunion luncheon at the COZY Inn in Thurmont ....lingers on. It's always so nice to see our old friends (and make some new ones too!) at these reunions!

Doris Fausey, who's been handling all the details since our founder, Buddy Belote retired from his retirement job....reunion planning, asked the crowd if they wanted to do it again next year. And there was a resounding YES!

But the IMPORTANT question was does DORIS want to do it again next year. And she said YES too!

So, we're on...for another year!

I believe she told me that the final number of attendees was 58, which left us a bit more wiggle room than last year.  I hope to have a list of all who were present......shortly.

Personally, I thought the food was the best it's been........since..........last year's reunion.  And the leaves were just as spectular!

Here are the pictures that have arrived here at the webdesk so far. Most of them are from Tom Buckley:

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