Monday, October 20, 2008


Last call, folks.

We're meeting in Thurmont, MD Wednesday (Oct. 22) at 12 noon at COZY INN.

Here's a list of our friends who have sent in their payment for the lunch ($13) so far, and if there's anyone else who would like to come, bring your wallet and come along. We have room for about 6 more people.

Those who have signed up so far are:


54 paid as of 10/20/2008

Harriet Arshawsky

Lorin Ballard

Albert Bargamian

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Beall

Bob Bell

Buddy and Florence Belote

Ray Bloom

Tom Buckley

Bill Calder

George Catron

Jerry Conklin

Mr. and Mrs. James Connor

Earl and Donna Dunmeyer

Doris and Bob Fausey

Royce and Doris Fish

Dave French

Stanley&Harriet Guttenberg

James and Barbara Hannen

Jim and Margaret Hargreaves

Harald Hoiland

Dale Kelsey

Chuck Langdon

Al Levin

Allan & JoAnn Mc Connell

Frank McDermott

Danny&Carolyn McKinney

Paul Monte-Bovi

James O'Neal

Kevin Rafferty

Don Richards

Lee Shephard

James Snyder

Ernest Tobin

Bea & Paul Stottlemyer

Richard Webb

David&Rochelle Zap

David Zarin

Tony&Betty&Earl Zukas

The address of the COZY INN is:

103 Frederick Road, Thurmont MD....301-271-7373

The weather forecast is 57 and sunny. It will be nice to see you!

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