Thursday, April 02, 2009

Larry Ballard

I just received this note from Paul Monte Bovi:

" I want to share some sad news with you. I found out on Monday that Larry Ballard passed away in February at the age of 87. Apparently, it was quite unexpected. I had plans to go to VA on Monday to drop something off to a friend, and I was going to be in the Winchester area, so I called Larry to see if he'd be available to meet for lunch, but I got an automated message that the 'phone had been disconnected.

Since I was in the area anyway, I went by his house only to find it totally furniture, no car....Diane went to the house across the street, and they told us that a while back, he had been taken to the hospital one evening by ambulance, and he died within a day or two. The only other thing I was able to find was a brief notice in a Winchester newspaper online edition that listed his date of death as February 13th.

I've sent a note to his home address which hopefully will be forwarded to one of his daughters, and hopefully, I'll hear more details from them. This is truly the end of a legend!! He was a wonderful influence in my life, and I'll certainly miss talking to him!! I'll let you know if I get any more information, and perhaps you'll want to add this to the WTOP website. Best regards, Paul

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