Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mystery Solved

The "Case of the Unknown Picture" has been solved!

Our Thurmont friend and super sleuth, Bob Bell, not only had the correct answer, but was able to add several more priceless pictures from the past....with help from Park Temple, Pick's son:

"When Giant Food cut a sweeter deal with John Kluge's WTTG in 1957 for the still-popular "Pick Temple's Giant Ranch", the management of Broadcast House held a surprise going-away party for Pick. That photo is one of several in Pick's archives. (Give me a day or so and I'll try to provide you with the date and the location... or at least a ballpark figure.)"


From Park Temple, (Pick Temple's son):

The first photo was taken as Pick walked into a surprise farewell dinner just around the corner from WTOP Broadcast House, as he was changing to WTTG. Pictured with him are Larry Beckerman and Nort Richardson. Larry was the show's producer by that time.

From Pick's diary for 24 Feb 1958: "We walked around to Wisc. Ave. restaurant and up stairs. As I entered room upstairs, there was the entire gang of fellows from WTOP! All except those watching the store. A bulb flashed and a picture of me was shot. Two long rows of tables and we had drinks, food, and then Jim Silman MC'd the affair. Larry Beckerman spoke, Ajaz Pierson spoke a word or 2, Bill Linden played a parody of Old Smokey on guitar and sang, John Hayes spoke, a tape of my recording of 'Born 10,000 years ago' was played (with musical interpolations edited in between the verses!). Then I spoke. Lord knows what I said! Then Morrie Siegal got there and he spoke. The whole thing was taped. Then a scroll was presented to me. It will be signed by all present, a kine was made of my last show and will be given to me!. Nort Richardson made tape of my last TOP show and my first WTTG show! Gosh, I was overwhelmed. Then everyone wished me well and I could hardly say anything. After ceremonies, many left and about 10 of us went downstairs and had a few. When they weren't looking, I picked up the tab for this myself. Jim gave me hell, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Came to $30. Home by nearly 2 am and to bed, happy and pooped."

Photo 2: leaving wtop2: picture of Pick speaking at his going away
Photo 3: leaving wtop3: picture of the crowd from WTOP in 1958
Photo 4: leaving wtop4: Jim Silman presenting Pick with the scroll
Photo 5: leaving wtop5: Pick speaking, again
Photo 6: leaving wtop6: Bill Linden playing his parody

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