Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thurmont 09!

Doris Fausey reports that the Thurmont traditional reunion luncheon will be held on Tuesday October 13th 2009.

Doris took over the details (and legwork) from the founder of popular event, Buddy Belote. Buddy and Florence are busy living "happily ever after"and are pleased to have handed off the organizing and planning of our traditional Fall Festival to Doris Fausey. Doris, as we all know, has always been the person you ask....if you want something done. Right.

She has secured a firm reservation for Tuesday October 13th at 12 noon at the Cozy Inn Restaurant in Thurmont, MD.

Doris negotiated a price of $13 per person, and reserved space for 45 people in our usual "window room."

With room to expand in case of overflow.

Let's have a big round of applause for Doris....and of course for Buddy and Florence for founding this event 23 or 24 years ago. Maybe....25?

But, who's counting.

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