Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hurray for ....... Detroit?

The latest word from long time WTOP-TV director Woody Robertson is that Detroit (his homebase now for over 20 years) is "jumping" with film production these days. The state is actively luring Hollywood to the Motor City by offering tax and other incentives. Apparently it's paying off.

Woody writes,

"...I am starting the first of "three" films which will carry us thru the summer. On this first one, I am the Executive Production Manager for the entire production.

The lead actor is Michael Manasseri, former star of the TV series "Weird Science" and also the movie "License to Drive"....
The remake of "Red Dawn" ( 80's film) finished shooting at the end of the year...they filmed all over and were here for 7 months.
The film will be in theaters by the end of this year.

This film I am starting is a comedies if combination,about a guy that works in Nuclear plant, gets contaminated and turns into a Giant Mosquito and begins stinging his enemies with his poison and sucking every once of blood from them.

We will start around the 12th of this month and finish shooting about the 10th of April."

To learn more about what's happening in the "flim industry" in Michigan CLICK HERE and to learn more about what Woody has been doing go HERE

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