Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Let's give a big toot on our vuvuzuela horns to Doris Fausey!

Once again, she has picked up the tedious organization and detail work to arrange for all us old WTOPers, CBSers, friends, fans, inlaws, outlaws and guests to meet and greet  at the COZY INN in Thurmont, Md for the 23rd (or is it the 24th?) year.

Yes, thanks to the amazing Doris Fausey, whose legendary organizational skills are unequalled,  has agreed to keep Buddy Belote's "Luncheon in Thurmont" alive for yet another year!

She's arranged for our usual room (near the food) on Tuesday October 12th (2010).

Same time, same station....as we used to say in radio. 12 noon til about 2.

$15 per person.

Make out your check to Doris Fausey and send it to her at:

Doris Fausey
13109 Beaver Terrace
Rockville, MD  20853 

Stay tuned for more details!!

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