Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thurmont 2010

It's just a matter of days now, til we all meet in Thurmont. A little less than half of the people we were expecting to attend have sent in their checks.

We're counting on a bunch more of you sending in your checks this week. A lot of us are getting long in tooth, so I don't supposed there will be very many of these great events left so be sure you attend this one.

Here's our list to date:

Al Bargamian
Ernie Baur
Mr.&Mrs. Gene Beall
Tom Buckley
Paul Byers
Earl & Donna Dunmeyer
Bob&Doris Fausey
Dave & Eloise French
Stanley Guttenberg
Jim and Peg Hargreaves
Hal Hoiland
Philomena Jurey
Theda Parrish
Don Richards
Lee Shephard &3 Guests-James O'Neil,Chuck Langdon,
Richard Webb
Carol Woodard

The event is Tuesday October 12 at 12 noon!

Not much time left, so be sure to have your name added to that list soon by sending $15 per person to:  (As we used to say it in radio, "Do it TODAY!")

Doris Fausey
13109 Beaver Terrace
Rockville, MD 20853-3303

We plan to meet at the Cozy Restaurant at 12 noon on Tuesday, October 12th.
See you there!

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