Friday, October 15, 2010


Thurmont 2010 was a great success!

Our "gluemaster" (the person who pastes all the little details together) Doris Fausey, would have been carried off on our group's shoulders if this had been a football game.

It wasn't, but the word "touchdown" comes to mind when describing this week's luncheon.

Doris booked the COZY INN last summer and guessed that about 40 people would attend. The final figure was 39!

COZY REUNION- OCTOBER 12, 2010 39 Attendees

Albert Bargamian
Mr. and Mrs.Gene Beall
Buddy and Florence Belote
Ray Bloom
Tom Buckley
Paul Byers
Bill Calder
George Catron
Earl and Donna Dunmeyer
Doris and Bob Fausey
Emil&Hazel&Mike Franks
Dave & Eloise French
Stanley Guttenberg
Mr.and Mrs.Norm Hannen
Jim and Margaret Hargreaves
Mike Henry
Harold Hoiland
Philomena Jurey
Chuck Langdon
Bob Oberlander
James O'Neal
Theda Parrish
Don Richards
Ratso Silman
James Snyder
Ernest Tobin
Carol Woodard
David Zarin and Son
Tony&Betty Zukas

Afterwards, Doris wrote a  note to the Cozy Manager thanking Suzy, the reservation planner, and our waitress, Diane, who was the best we have had!

Sometimes everything just goes right. This was one of those times!

Here are some great snapshots of the event compliments of Tom Buckley.

Buddy Belote and Philomena Jurey
Don Richards and Doris Fausey
Chuck Langdon  James O'Neal  Michael Henry
David French
Dave Zarin
Don Richards
Doris Fausey and "Ratso" Silman
Earl Dunmyer  Gene Beall  Ray Bloom
Tony Zukas

Gene Beall and Bill Calder

Hal Hoiland and Theda Parrish

James Snyder

Jim Hargraves and Norm Hannen

Michael Henry and James O'Neal

Norm Hannen  Ray Bloom  Al Bargamian  Jim Hargreaves

"Ratso" Silman and Don Richards

Ray Bloom and Al Bargamian

Stan Gutenberg and Buddy Belote

Stan Gutenberg and Emil Franks

Bob Oberlander and Don Richards
Enjoy!  -Lee

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