Monday, December 06, 2010


Our old friend Eddie Sacks, who as a child prodigy in the 60's, did a heck of a job as the board engineer for my very forgettable "Swinging Shephard" record shows, alerted me to the fact that the DCRTV.COM link had mysteriously dissappeared!

Sorry about that! I have no idea what happened, but I'm putting it back up.....and while I'm at it, I'll plug an interview Chuck Langdon and I did with the amazing Dave Hughes on Fairfax Cable's OUT OF THE PAST SHOW....a few months ago. (BTW, Tom Buckley will also be featured soon.  Watch for it.

PS......I wrote a mildly interesting story on a website I maintain for my old high school...about an interview I did years ago on Cadence...with the man who was the "Mr. Smith"....who "goes to Washington.

Take a look.

Then, if you'd like to read about the event, according to Frank Capra,

Read part TWO


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