Thursday, September 29, 2011

Woody Robertson

Woody Robertson

It's good to read about our old WTOP-TV graduates who are still going full steam ahead with their successful careers.

However, as most of us are slowing down, Director/Produced extraordinaire, Woody Robertson seems to be continually speeding up!

Woody has recently founded Malibu Films. the newest and latest production company from the award-winning producer/director, His original production-firm, September Moon Production Network,Inc. was formed in 1983 and created productions for many national and international programs for ABC sports,  The Olympics, NFL, ESPN,NBC, The World Cup. NASA-FAA, The US-Arab Economic Forum, Elton John Tour,
Hurricane Andrew Documentary, and hundreds of others.

Woody, who has been based in Detroit since the 80's has recently announced that he is creating a Feature Film for Television Movie based on the book "No Longer Silent" by author, Tammy Gagnon.

Learn more about the film HERE

I understand that Woody might be spending a good deal of his time shooting here in Virginia!

It will almost be like old times!


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