Monday, July 09, 2012

Doris Comes thru AGAIN!

Doris Fausey, our official  Cheer Leader and "Go To" person has come through again! Filling the "Big Buddy (Belote) Shoes"  to ensure that the WTOP Thurmont tradition continues she will once more orchestrate the gala THURMONT 2012 Luncheon Event.

Mark down the date NOW on your calendar!

Here's the official word I received from Doris Today:

Buddy Belote asked me to substitute for him again this year. We plan to meet at Cozy Restaurant in Thurmont at 12 noon on Wednesday, October 10th. If you wish to attend, please send a check for $15.
Made out to:

Doris Fausey
13109 Beaver Terrace
Rockville, MD 20853-3303

We look forward to seeing you there!
Sincerely, Doris. 

PS....Notice, thanks to her masterful negotiating skills, the PRICE will remain at the low, low, sum of $15 per person.  What a deal! -Ed

As the great Broadcast House philosopher Herbie Hamberger once said, "When you want something done, and done well, ask Doris to do it!

(And if you don't remember Herbie, then you are one of the new guys!)

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