Friday, October 12, 2012

Thurmont 2012

Photos by Tom Buckley 

The 26th Annual WTOP Thurmont luncheon was held Wednesday at the World famous Cozy Inn. As usual, it was a very festive affair.

The weather was perfect (although the trees hadn't even begun to "turn") , the food was great.....the camaraderie was wonderful...the only thing missing was the "crowd."   Over the past few years, it would be rare when our dining room contained fewer than 50 people. This year only 25 showed up.

When I got my first glimpse of Don Richards, I thought I had discovered the reason for the poor turnout, but then realized the sign he was wearing was from the late '50' that wasn't the answer.

I never thought that I'd miss straining to talk over the noise of a room full of "old timers" from "those exciting days of yesteryear."  (Thank you, Lone Ranger)

But I did.

Emil Franks, Florence and  Buddy Belote
Danny Mckinny

Ralph Miaska and wife
Stan Guttenburg  Bob Oberlander
Tony Zukas

Steve King and Bob O.
The Jim Hargreaves and the Danny Mckinneys and Bill Calder's back
Tony and Lee
Doris Fausey and Lee

So, was this our last Thurmont Special? I think it depends on several things, firstly, will our Reunion Fairy, Doris Fausey, who relieved our founder, Buddy Belote of all the boring paper work etc be willing to continue for another year?

She says she will!

However, she has to guarantee a certain number of people will show up to reserve the room.

Was this year's attendance just an anomaly, or are we, as a group, at that point of ..............?

Drop me an email and I'll pass your comments on to Doris as well......and get your thoughts.



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