Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Winner

Thurmont (2006 photo)

The 27th WTOP Thurmont Reunion Luncheon went off without a hitch yesterday. Our founder, and Patron Saint, Buddy Belote was in attendance along with his wife Florence and 32 Broadcast House old timers and their friends.

Richard Webb
Our friend, and official reunion photographer, Richard Webb was there documenting the event, as Lee Shephard had prepared as gifts to all the attendees.
usual and, in fact, handing out DVD copies that he and

The DVDs featured the entire events of our Thurmont parties for the years 2006, 07 and 08.

They are real treasures!

Doris Fausey
The real heroine of the event was, once again, Doris Fausey, who has stepped in for Buddy as our
Thurmont Czar and organizer extraordinaire, in spite of undergoing open heart surgery earlier in the year.

What a lady!

(Thanks Bob, for letting us borrow your wife once a year!)

Doris' list of WTOP Reunion- 2013 Attendees

Ernie Bauer                                
Harold & Frances Beall
Buddy and Florence Belote  
Paul Byers  
Bill Caulder                                      
Bob & Doris Fausey                              -
Emil & Mike Franks              
David French                          
Stanley Guttenberg                  
James & Barbara Hannen                    
Philamena Jurey                                  
Chuck Langdon & Richard Webb      
Frank Mc Dermott                              
Paul Monte-Bovi                                
Mr.& Mrs. Bob Oberlander                
Theda Parrish                                      
Don Richards                                      
Lee Shephard                                      
Jim Silman                                          
Jimmie Silman 111   (Ratso)                          
Jim Snyder                                          
Steve Taylor
Richard Webb                            
Ernest Tobin                                        
David Zarin                                          
Tony Zukas & daughter Ann                          

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