Friday, November 08, 2013

Richards Introducing the President Story

As usual, our friend Richard Webb filmed the entire luncheon event in Thurmont again this year and I've pulled out Don Richard's story about introducing President Eisenhour back in the '50's.
We all look forward to Don's stories each year, as they are impossible to "top."
And I think this was one of his best!
I know all who attended received DVDs of the 06 and 07 Thurmont Events. We can't thank Richard Webb enough for all of his wonderful work.
What a friend!


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Admin said...

The G R Ford Library has recently released some docs re. Cold War communications, WTOP (Broadcasting House) era, EBS, the US Army USAICA and the White House Communications Agency. Anecdotes of former engineers and staff about these matters (monthly MYSTIC TARGET closed circuit tests, etc.) would be welcomed.