Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chet Curtis Passes

Chet Curtis on Boston TV
Our friend and fellow WTOP alumnus Bill Diehl sadly informs us that Chet Curtis, another former WTOP alumnus died yesterday.

Here's the story as reporter by the Boston Globe

Story from the Boston Globe

Chet and Bill go back a long way; all the way back to Ithica College.

Bill is the Godfather of Chet's daughter Dawn who notified him of Chet's passing:

Bill, Dawn (my godchild by Chet's first marriage)
and Chet, April 2013.  

Chet and Lennie 1959

I wanted to let you know that dad lost his courageous fight tonight.  We 
were all with him and he was peaceful.  It is the most profoundly sad day for my 
sisters and me.  We couldn't love him any more or be any prouder of him.  I 
can't imagine life without him but he has touched so many lives and he will live 
on in the hearts of so many.   


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