Friday, March 21, 2014

George Catron Passes

From Paul Monti Bovi

I've been notified that George Catron passed away last Thursday, March 20th in the early morning hours.  His family had been with him that evening.  He was 89 and had been in a nursing home in Frederick for about a year and a half,  due to his Parkinson’s and the fact that he was having a lot of falls (it was his decision to go into the facility, which was apparently very well-run, and treated him with kindness and much affection.) 

His Parkinson’s had been getting worse, he couldn’t see well and could hardly hear at all.  About a week ago, he stopped eating, and his son said he thinks his dad just decided “enough was enough” and made his decision to end it. 

There is to be a service on Friday,  March 28th at 11 am at the DamascusRoad Community Church, at 12826 Old National Pike (Route 144) in Mt. AiryMD.  Hopefully some of his old friends can make it. 

As most of us know, George served his country during World War II in the Submarine Corps of the United States Navy.  He truly earned his place with the many others who are proud to be members of what is, without a doubt, rightfully called "The Greatest Generation". 

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