Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thurmont 2014

You may have heard the news that the COZY INN in Thurmont has closed its doors.  That's true and....for a while there it was looking like our annual WTOP luncheon in Thurmont was in danger of going belly up as well.

However, like the Cavalry in an old Western movie, our "doer in Chief" Doris Fausey got busy and has already arranged tor our Thurmont 2014 event to be held at the Mountain Gate Restaurant (only a few doors up from the COZY INN).

Doris and her husband Bob sampled their  menu and reported that the food is just as good as the COZY's and, in fact, perhaps even better with more choices.

Wait, there's more:

It's  also LESS expensive!

So, three cheers for Doris ("There are NO problems, only opportunities") and her sidekick Bob!!

You will be getting a card in the mail soon which will say:

Cozy has closed! However, I've made a reservation at the Mountain Gate Restaurant on Wednesday, October 8th at 1PM to 3PM. This is a few doors down from Cozy- same block.  If you wish to attend, please send a check for $15.
                Made out to:
           Doris Fausey
          13109 Beaver Terrace
          Rockville, MD 20853-3303
     We look forward to seeing you there!
     Sincerely, Doris.    

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