Friday, October 10, 2014

Thurmont 2014

Good News...and ......well, not so good.

Good news is that "a great time was had by ALL" at Thurmont 2014.

All 17 of us.  Quite a difference from our glory days of 100 or more attendees at Cozy.

The Cozy Inn closed earlier this year, and perhaps we should have too.  But these get togethers of ours are always so warm and fuzzy.....with so much laughter and great was just too damm hard to stop!

However, reality reared it's ugly head (that and the God awful traffic) convinced us that from now on we'll just have to get together individually on our own.  

Doris, our chief organizer and head cheerleader and her husband Bob, had to do some quick talking to explain to our substitute Restaurant, just why not nearly as many of us showed up as were predicted. 

Our special prices were honored, the food was good and the room was fine.......and what a beautiful day!

But I think we feel that all good things must come to an end...and it's time for us to admit....not defeat,


Twenty Seven THURMONT REUNIONS featuring the finest broadcasters at one of the finest stations in all of the United States of America, WTOP-TV and RADIO!  What a run!

Just think, we outlasted BROADCASTING itself!


(If anything, Broadcasting is now...Narrowcasting.  -Lee)

The attendees were:
Gene Beall and his wife
Tom Buckley
Paul Byers  
Bob and Doris Fausey  
Emil Franks and his son
Stan Guttenberg
Hal Hoiland and his wife
Chuck Langdon
Bob Oberlander
Lee Shephard
Jim Silman and Ratso Silman
Dave Zarin

Photos by Tom Buckley!

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