Sunday, June 28, 2015

Seems Like Old Times

Just think, if Al Gore hadn't "invented the internet,"  we would never have been able to get nice notes like this!

Instead, we would forever be wondering "Whatever happened to......."

But thankfully, we now learn "Whatever happened to...." that very nice summer replacement engineer in the 60's named DENNY  SCHNEIDER!

Take a look:


Just ran across your website, reading and reminiscing. I was a summer relief engineer at WTOP (June thru Aug) from 1963-1968. Great times. I loved doing the lookout Lee show when Hal went on vacation. The only other summer relief engineers I remember were Eddie Sacks and Nelson Crumbling. I'm friends with Eddie on Facebook.

Nipper Building Camden, NJ

WTOP put me thru college. I was able to earn enough each summer to last me thru the next two semesters at the university of Maryland. Don't think I ever turned down overtime 😊. After graduation I worked for the broadcast division at RCA in Camden NJ where I was on the design team for the TK76. Definitely the high point in my career as an engineer.


My funny story with Julian Barber was when I was with him at the Capitol. He would bend to the engineers wishes as to where to set up and which direction to shoot depending on the available light. He would never force a set-up. So he asks us where would be a good place to set up and starts in the building "you guys set up here and I'll try to get some of these clowns to come down and interview". The "clowns" he was talking about were the congressmen who were always respectful of Julian. "Oh yes Julian". "Thank you so much Julian" they would say during the interview. It was all I could do to not bust out laughing.

Dennis the Menace and Lookout Lee

One more memory of you:  when you did the weather, you used to give foreign temperatures including Australia. But you made them up: we didn't have the Internet. But the temperatures really didn't have to be accurate. It was more entertainment than informational. Then a lady called up and mentioned that she had a friend in Australia but while we were having winter, they were in summer. And she asked why the temps wee so low. Thinking very fast, you told her that they were probably taken at night. 

So sorry to hear of all the passings, but I guess we're all getting to that stage. I'm retired and just turned 71 and living in Huntsville AL.

I think about WTOP and all the guys there a lot, because it gave me my start in broadcasting engineering. Couldn't have done it without you.

Denny Schneider

I asked Denny if he had any pictures of those "old days."  He didn't, but he sent me the latest one that he has, which is of him winning the gold medal in "mens over 70 volleyball at the Valleyball Nationals in Detroit this past May.

Very Impressive!!


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