Thursday, October 08, 2015

Lee Shephard Personal Story

Ed Myers at anchor desk WUNC-TV Channel 4
My first "anchor gig" was when I was in college at the University of North Carolina. I took over the anchor position on the 6 o'clock news for Channel 4 in Chapel Hill...that was WUNC-TV.

(I was using my real name back then, Ed Myers.  I didn't become "Lee Shephard" until I joined WTOP-TV in Washington in  1961 because of a "conflict" with another "Ed Myer" TV personality on a competeting station.)

I was the first student to do that job...prior to that in 1956 or perhaps it was 1957...professors did that. I was paid $1 a show.
It was great experience for me....that was my first anchor job...and I'm sure it played a role in getting my first commercial TV job at WSOC-TV Charlotte...anchoring the 11pm news on Channel 9.

WUNC-TV was located at that time in Swain Hall....the original Cafeteria Building for UNC.

Ed in Alexander Dorm UNC 1955
Speaking of that, there was a small snack shop next to Swain Hall...which also housed the University's FM radio station. I hung around there for a short time during my freshman year but I don't believe I ever did any work there. I got to know a few of the guys who did work there, mostly seniors I believe, and one of the upper classmen asked me to run next door and get him a "cup of choclate."

Chocolate what,?  I asked.

A CUP OF CHOCOLATE!.....You Damm Fool.  (He didn't say, "Damm Fool" but that was his tone.)

So, I went next door and asked the clerk behind the counter for a "cup of chocolate."

She replied, "A cup of chocolate what?

Damned if I know, he said you'd know.

So, she pumped out a cup of chocolate sauce and handed it to me.

I gave it to the aforementioned senior...who didn't seem happy at all.

You just can't please some people.

Snapshots of staff members.

1957 was a long time forgive me, but I can't remember the names of these outstanding staff members.

My guess on the left....producer John?..... and Van Trapp ? on the right.  Middle fellow?


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