Saturday, November 21, 2015

Goodbye, Ed

Fourth Presbyterian Church
The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Bethesda was overflowing with Broadcasters and ordinary citizens saying "goodbye" to perhaps the most beloved radio personality in Washington's history. Ed Walker.
Ed Walker

His long time friend and partner, Willard Scott and Ed's daughter, Susan Walker Scola, masterfully paid homage to the man who overcame the terrible obstacle of blindness, and became a hall of fame member of the Radio Broadcasters of the United States of  America.

Willard confirmed that the story about Ed once driving a car was true.  He said that they were returning from a party with  several of their friends, all of whom were feeling  real good, and decided that it would be the proper time to let Ed fulfill on long time ambition to drive a car.  They instructed him along the way, "a little bit to the little to the left....easy on the bit to the right...."  and so on.
 Willard said he was doing great, until a cop stopped them and asked Ed for his license.  Ed said he didn't have one...and the officer asked why not....and Ed said, "because I'm blind."

I believe the story...up until the "stopped by a cop" part.

The sermon by Dr. Todd Smedley, "I once was Blind, but now I see" and the bagpipes (requested specifically by Ed) playing "Amazing Grace," reminded this poor sinner, and perhaps the entire congregation of how lucky we were to have been considered by Ed as one of his friends.


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