Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Doris Fausey Passes

I regret to announce that our wonderful friend and "cheerleader" Doris Fausey died Sunday night, March 20, 2016.

I recieved this email from her husband Bob: 

From March 12, 2015, when she fell in our kitchen and fractured her pelvis, Doris has suffered pain.  Rhe xray at that time showed a small mass in her abdomen. In November 2015 she decided to let the doctors examine it.  MRI, CT scan, and biopsy.  On March 02 she was told she had liver cancer.  On March 16  she chose to enter hospice care.  On March 18 she was taken to a hospice house.  Doctors, nurses, and aides 24/7.  Dumb Bob thought  Now she will get better.  On Sunday, March 20, I watched her take her last breath.

She talked often about what she wanted when she died.  Her wish was to be cremated and she wished to not have a funeral or memorial service.  I intend to give her what she wished.

PLEASE do not send me flowers or cards or food.  I need nothing but Doris.  For the time being, please do not call;  it is hard work to keep from crying.  I will read any email sent to  .  I have heard that time heals all wounds.  I sure hope so.

Bob .   

The Doris I knew

By Lee Shephard

Doris Fausey
The last time I spoke with Doris was about two weeks ago. She told me about what the MRI was showing...and although I tried to put as positive a light on it as I could,  I knew she was probably right when she said, 
"I'm dying."

I didn't think it would happen so soon.

I always considered Doris the WTOP "Go to, girl."

If you really wanted to get something'd ask Doris to do it. 
And, magically, before you knew was done.
But, there was no magic about it. It was accomplished by hard work.  And Doris didn't mind doing it.

I once joked that Doris could send out an invitation...such as the ones she sent out announcing our Thurmont Luncheons....that read like.....a dunning letter.

I first became aware of Doris' amazing ability to "get things done," when one of the WTOP switchboard operators was about to retire.  She was an elderly lady by the name of Alfa Good.  (That was her real kidding.) Now, I'm not as sure about the "elderly" part....because Doris and I were in our 30's at the, elderly to us may have been 50 years old.

Nevertheless, Alfa was a single lady..never been married...never made much money....and whatever her circumstances...Doris and I were convinced that a small "going away" gift would be appreciated.

So, we decided to take up a collection for a "going away gift" from "The Staff"....for Alfa.

I figured we'd collect about $25.  After all, we didn't have much time.  As I recall, Alfa was leaving the next day.  Besides, 25 dollars.... back in those days was.....25 dollars!

Well, Lo and Behold, I met with Doris the next morning....and she handed me an envelope to give to Alfa....containing over $200.

Rest in peace, my friend.


Bob Fausey (L)   Doris (next to last)

How sad...losing these two special WTOP friends of close together....only a few weeks separated their deaths.

Don Richards and Doris Fausey

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