Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's a tough job, but.....

...somebody's got to do it.

And, who better than one of our own WTOP-TV graduates......Bill Diehl, ABC's Entertainment Corresondant!


(ABC's Bill Diehl with "Hef" at his mansion in Holmby Hills, outside of LA, in 2000)
This may be just another routine Saturday for you, but for a man who could be
called a publisher, a playboy and a lot of other things, this is indeed a milestone
day!  'Hef is 90! ABC's Entertainment Correspondent, Bill Diehl, tells the story of a copywriter 
who took a 9-thousand dollar 'flyer' better than 60 years ago and truly made it
pay off with magazines, girls and more girls!
(to hear the piece place the following URL in your browser and click)

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