Saturday, May 14, 2016

Another "Out of the Past"

Chuck Langdon and I recorded another OUT OF THE PAST programs a few weeks ago with the "Long Lasting" Dave McConnell.  Dave has been with WTOP Radio for over 50 years!

Sam Donaldson 1966

Dave McConnell 1966
Anyway, while editing the show, I came accross a video that Dave and Sam Donaldson starred in for Encylopedia Brittanica back in 1966 I believe.  It was one of those films that were shown in schools all over the country back in those days.  Perhaps you even saw some of them when you were going to school.  Perhaps you remember those ERPI, I believe they were called....I've forgotten what that stood for, but I'm guessing that the E stood for Encyclopeda Britannica.
The film was an educational one that explained to young kids how radio and TV gathered and presented the news.

Anyway, here's the film.  See if you can identify anyone else in the film.....especially in the TV control room shot.

Broadcast House Studio 11  1966

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