Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mystery Solved

WTOPer Steve King is the winner!  He has solved the "Case of the Control Room Mystery"....from the 1967 Encyclopedia Britanica Film, "Getting the News,"

His winning entry is as following;

The newscast was NEWSDAY at 1pm with Sam Donaldson.
Control Room shot ...from right to left..."Willie"  _______next to him was the director, Mic Colgan.
Audio guy...far left...is Digger Chambers
And.......(drum roll) ...the guy to Mic's left, is the Assistant Director...23 year old........

Steve King!

The only thing still unresolved is "Willie's" last name.


Paul Monti-Bovi writes:

Lee:  I’ve been looking at the video you posted on the WTOP website around the middle of May and I think the technician at the video switcher in the control room named as “Willie” is William “Bill” Brewer who I remember as a studio technician when I started there in 1967.  Bill retired from WTOP around 1971.  Maybe it’s not, but it does look like him in my recollection.  Everything’s good with us.  I hope you’re doing well.  Best regards, Paul

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