Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bob Raiford Up Date

Robert D. Raiford
I talked with Bob Raiford yesterday.....and he sounded almost like his old self!

Not quite, though, since his stroke a little over a year ago temporarily silenced one of Radio's greatest voices!

But he's BACK!  I immediately recognized the distinct voice that's been as much a part of Charlotte Radio (with a few interruptions)  as Red Eye Gravy is to grits! 

Even if he decides NOT to return to radio, Raiford, in my opinion,  will still be considered by historians who keep tract of such things as....THE KING OF THE CHARLOTTE RADIO HILL!

And what a hill that was!

Grady Cole, Ty Boyd, Doug Mays, Charles Crutchfield, Charles Kuralt....Alan Newcomb...etc, etc........... 

Don't be surprised if you happen to tune in your radio some morning and hear a familiar voice again and wonder, "Who said  that?"

...and the voice comes back, "I said that!....Robert D. Raiford."


(Raiford was host of one of the early "trend setting" talk shows....of the 60's...when most stations were were  still "all music.")

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