Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kirk Douglas is 100

Maybe not the last.....but certainly one of the last.....old TOPers still active in broadcasting is Bill Diehl.
He's semi retired from ABC, but more and more....he's called on to cover "breaking news" from Hollywood.
News such as Kirk Douglas turning 100 years old!

Bill writes that he interviewed Kirk Douglas twice.......

"... first in 1986 at our ABC studio  
and much later in 2007 at his home in Beverly Hills.  Despite a stroke he 
suffered about a decade earlier he was still lively, warm and 
most personable. His dog stayed by his side most of the time.

Bill & Kirk Douglas 1986 #75 jpg.jpg

Kirk Douglas:Bill Beverly Hills 2007.jpg
Kirk Douglas        Bill Diehl

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