Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Bosses

Perhaps  one department of  the great WTOP radio and TV empire we haven't given the recognition it deserves is "The Executive" branch.

Heaven to Betsy!  What an oversight.  We had some of the best "bossses" in the business, bar none!

John S.Hayes was "Mr. Big"......the boss of the bosses.  He was tough, but fair.....and, without a douibt the best judge of talent in the business! (After all, look at who all he hired..!)

George F. Hartford was VP in charge of TV.  He rose from the ranks of salesman to VP.  Tight as a drum....but very professional.

Jim Silman...Program Director TV.....Creative (He created the Ranger Hal show....and many other award winning WTOP TV shows.  Did the hiring....made the day to day decisions... Tough, fair, creative, competent, good listener, Good friend!

Lloyd Dennis...VP of Radio.  Started out as an announcer in the radio business.  Experienced, high ranking Navel Officer in WW2... Brown University Educated.  Quiet, Competent, Easy to talk to. Fair....

Patti Searight...Program Director of Radio.  Lloyd Dennis' right hand assistant.  Took care of the details.... and day to day stuff.  Perfect combination, Dennis and Searight.

An incomplete list of most of the WTOP executives.....the oil that kept one of the greatest radio stations of its era running like clockwork!

Lee Shephard

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