Sunday, July 09, 2017

Broadcast House or....

The building of WTOP-TV (located at 40th and Brandywine Streets, Northwest, Washington, DC) was named "BROADCAST HOUSE."
Larry Israel (Westinghouse) and his ruthless inept underlings (John Corporan, John Baker, Leo O'Farrell and others) came to Washington, DC and destroyed that "HOUSE."
So many of us loved being at BROADCAST HOUSE everyday -- and working alongside the best and brightest broadcasting professionals in the television industry.
The original BROADCAST HOUSE (and the ones who destroyed it) are now gone.
We are not!
Because of you and your website -- the memories (good and bad) of our time at BROADCAST HOUSE still live on in our hearts and minds.
My mother told me one day -- "It should have been named, "HEARTBREAK HOUSE" -- for all the broken hearts and broken dreams.
Sadly, she was very profound.

Steve King

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