Sunday, July 09, 2017

Still Here

Those great old call letters, WTOP-TV have almost disappeared from the face of the earth...except for a couple of places....this website being one of them.

I "renewed" this site a week ago....for at least another year.  Of course, let's face it; the people who once worked for WTOP-TV are rapidly dying off.  That's life after all.

So, renewing the website doesn't seem to make much sense.  You're right.
But there's this thing called "Love," which trumps logic every my book.

As a boy of 15, I dreamed of someday working for WTOP!  A couple of great announcers at my home town's radio station (WBT in Charlotte ) had moved on to the "big time" in Washington...WTOP....and that's what I wanted to do someday......fortunately, the stars were aligned just right...and my dream came to pass.

I worked as an announcer/personality there for 10 years...until Kathrine Graham hired Larry Israel to take over the radio and TV station....and fire everyone who her late husband, Phil Graham, had hired.

But by then, my dream had been I moved on.  A couple of years later new owners changed the grand old call letters a couple of times...and as of today...they only exist on some obscure college station somewhere and this website.

Hopefully, I'll hear from a few of the old folks who once worked there and anyone else who would like to swap stories about that GREAT old station.

Drop a line to:

-Lee Shephard  WTOP radio and TV announcer/personality from 1961 - 1969

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